Learning English…

Hi sweetie!

To learn another language is a very different process form learning Math, for instance.

I mean, you learn Math firstly by listening some theory and then you make exercises to fix the concepts presented by the theory. To learn another language, mostly you skip the theory, go for the exercises and just after that you get the theory.

For instance: you learned Portuguese that way, you arrived at school already knowing it, so what you are learning at school is how to improve that knowledge with grammar and else.

With English it is also the same way: a nice day, somebody start to talk to you using that language, expecting you will learn it someday. I tell you, I though this was a ridiculous way to learn! So I refused to sing, to talk to my colleagues, to question my teacher… Just because I was afraid to speak wrongly. But, by refusing to talk, I was also refusing to learn… I just realized that when I grew older.

That is the point: you learn another language (English) by using it and by making mistakes and allowing someone to correct them. At least in the beginning that is always true.

So, what I ask you, sweetie? I just ask three things:

  1. Continue to be patient and humble. You will learn English.
  2. Be confident in yourself. The mistakes you make are part of the process.
  3. Believe that I am here to help you. Although this does not imply I am going to please you all the time.

Now you have an exercise:

Read again this post and write a text telling in you your own words what I have written. Pay attention that you have to resume the ideas of my text, not create new ideas. Write down your text, take a photo and sent it to me by WhatsApp.

To help you, before writing the text, try to identify inside my text, the answers for the following questions:

  • Is learning Math similar to learn English?
  • What is the main difference between learning Math and a language?
  • How do you learn another language?
  • How do you have to behave to learn English?

Um beijo do pai.


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