Because, because of, so…

Hi sweetie,

This matter is very, very simple… If you compare the por que in Portuguese with the because in English, you will realize how simple English is!! We have here a good opportunity to get easy points at the test, so pay attention, please.

First things first

Before talking about the because etc, let’s check a very important stuff. Read the following sentence:

After falling the tree, John broke his arm.

And answer:

  1. What was the cause/reason of John’s broken arm?
  2. What was the consequence/result of the fall?

You must have a clear distinction between cause/reason and consequence/result, just that, and you will never mess because and so!

Because, because of, so…

As I always say, no panic! I have a little smart table, studying it thoroughly, you won’t make a single mistake.

Because We use because to express the cause/reason of something. Because is used before a clause (a sentence subject verb and complement).


  • Maria left the party because she was feeling sick.
  • I didn’t pass the test because I didn’t study.
  • I remember because you seemed so sincere.
  • Was God punishing Destiny because they had been greedy?

Hint: if there the cause/reason is a clause (subject, verb and complement)you should use because.

Because of Like in the previous case, we use because of to express the cause/reason of something. The difference is that because of  is used before a noun.


  • Carlos couldn’t play because of his injury.
  • I feel so sad because of his death.
  • It is cold because of the heavy storm.
  • The meeting was cancelled because of the teacher’s sickness.

Hint: if there the cause/reason is a noun you should use because of.

So We use so to express the consequence/result of something.


  • I was tired so I went to bed.
  • My favorite soccer team was playing bad so they lost.
  • I couldn’t sleep so I took some pills.
  • There wasn’t any food so we went out to eat.

Hint: if there is the cause/reason at the beginning and there is the consequence/result at the end of the sentence, there is a so in the middle.


Some exercises with because and because of.

Some exercícios com because e so.

Beijo do pai!


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