Reading and comprehension

Hi sweetie!

This is going to be your first English test in 2016. I know you are sometimes concerned about English, but we will practice together and you will be more confident.

And believe me, English is far more easier then Japanese and you are learning the last one by yourself! I can not sing anything in Japanese while you sing beautifully! This is an achievement, sweetie, congratulations. For a person like you, with a bit more of self reliance, to learn English will be very easy.

Reading and Comprehension

Like I always repeat: the ability to read and to comprehend is fundamental, in any language. And those are two different sides of the same coin: to read and to comprehend. The former is somehow simpler, as it requires a formal knowledge of the language; while to comprehend is quite more sophisticated, as it requires to think about explicit and implicit ideas (that you learned about while studying Portuguese).

Read the following texts and answer the related questions, please:

History of Chocolate

Complete the Mystery

The Elephant’s Child (by Rudyard Kipling)

Beijo do pai!

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