Predictions with: going to / will

Hi sweetie,

Now we are going to talk about predictions using will and going to. This is a simple topic, with some very clear rules.

We use both will and going to when we want to make a prediction about the future. A prediction is a statement that we make about the future. When a person makes a prediction they say what they think will happen in the future.

Going to + [infinitive]

We use the structure to be going to + [infinitive] if we make a prediction about the future because we have evidence now that supports us in making that prediction. This means that something now (in the present) tells us what is going to happen in the future.

For instance, weather forecasters use different weather instruments that provide them with information in the present. Weather forecasters use this information to make their predictions about the weather. So, if you asked a weather forecaster to make a prediction about the weather she might say: “It is going to be sunny tomorrow. Temperatures are going to be between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. It is going to rain on the east coast in the evening. Tomorrow night is going to be cloudy.”

Will + [infinitive]

We also use the structure will + [infinitive] to make a prediction about the future. However, we use this structure when we are guessing, if We do not have any evidence in the present telling us what the future is going to be.

Horoscopes tell people what will happen in their lives that day. However, when you read a horoscope you are reading a prediction about yourself but this is not based on any evidence. This prediction is guessing what your future is going to be. So you will read something like this: “Today you will get a phone call. The person who telephones you will offer you the job of your dreams. Later this afternoon you will win a lot of money on the lottery.”


Try the following exercises.

Beijo do pai!


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